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Embedded Nirvana is an initiative for hands-on knowledge sharing for Linux OS on Embedded Devices. We aim at creating a knowledge pool about the use of Open Source tools in embedded devices and steering ahead the development of industry viable technologies and products.

Etymology : Nirvana (निर्वाण) is a Sanskrit term for a state of being free. Embedded Nirvana is a community which aims to propagate knowledge free of all inhibitions.Read More

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Workshop On Essential Abstractions In GCC 2013

GCC Resource Center at Department of Computer Science & Engineering at IIT Bombay is organizing 5-day instructional workshop from June 29th to July 3rd 2013. Announcement on PLUG mailing list and check the official website for more [more]

Publication : Cross-Development Environments For Embedded Linux

The Linux Foundation a non-profit technology consortium chartered to foster the growth of Linux, has come out with a publication on cross development environments for Embedded Linux. Linux Foundation Training says : "Those who begin building a cross development toolchain often find it a much more difficult undertaking than expected at first thought, even though the basic steps are widely available. In this publication, we discuss some of the idiosyncrasies that can make independent toolchain [more]

C: Tips, Tricks & Resources

Embedded.com has come with a list of resources targeted towards C programming language. The aim is to share content resources relating C programming. This may be very handy for Embedded Engineers and will give them good resource while trying Linux too. One of the link which Embedded.com has shared is this MIT online course. Bernard Cole is behind this initiative. Check this full blog post for more [more]


Today Chaitannya and me from Embedded Nirvana conducted an awareness drive on Embedded System and what Embedded Nirvana is all about. The awareness drive was conducted at PICT with the help of Faculty Mr. S. S. Dudam. It was attended by 30+ final year ETC students at PICT. Chaitannya gave an excellent presentation starting with a video based on open source and then explaining in depth on what Embedded System, open source contribution [more]

EN Hangout @ Embedded Lab COEP

After a long time Embedded Nirvana (EN) had a hacking hangout at Embedded Lab of COEP yesterday. Chaitannya, Shravan and me got together to solve the mystery of how to flash STM32F4DISCOVERY (F4). The confusion was whether we would need a dedicated JTAG device to communicate with F4 to get things up. The hacking session started with Chaitannya and me (using Fedora 16) trying to explore how to get things done and test out [more]

Portable EMG Data Logger

Embedded Nirvana has taken an initiative to come up with an  Portable EMG Data Logger. It will be an open hardware. The vision is to come up with a portable Electromyography Device which would help collecting information and later collected data would be used for Analytics. It would be built using open technologies. A dedicated wiki page for this idea is created here and Embedded Nirvana would encourage interested to contribute. Activities has started [more]

Embedded Studio

Embedded Studio is a Fedora 13 distro Virtual Machine image which is preconfigured with all the essentials required to start development in the field of Embedded Linux. We came up with this idea recently so that a developer has to focus more on development rather than put efforts in configuring the Development host machine.

No need of any installation, since it's a vmware Image all the stuff is pre-installed. Read More

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