Embedded Nirvana

5th Feb Meeting Updates

Here's the agenda for the next meeting.

Creating debug environment for the vmware image using gdb, kgdb and qemu.

Last few session we have worked on simulating ARM device on Fedora, by compiling all the tools from scratch so that one single script can be used for all Linux platforms.

Now we plan to create a complete debug environment for the target device. Work on gdb is already complete, we need update gdb on vmware image.

Planning for Gnunify:

As you all might know that GNUnify is scheduled on 11th and 12th of feb and we are aiming to spread the word about our community. There are quite a few things that we have to do before we spread the word.

  1. Formulating presentation strategy for GNUnify.
  2. Finalizing the DvD that we are planning to distribute at GNUnify.

Venue : COEP embedded systems lab.

Time : 10.30 am - 12.30 pm