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Embedded Studio (ES) v0.1 has been released recently. We has a semi-official release within the group during the GNUnify 2011 Days.  ES v0.1 is a Fedora 13 flavour Virtual Machine which is preconfigured with all the essentials required to start development in the field of Embedded Linux. We came up with this idea recently so that a developer has to focus more on development rather than put efforts in configuring the Development host machine. The initial version is a Virtual Machine and we hope to create a distribution out of it soon too.

No need of any installation, since it's a vmware Image all the stuff is pre-installed.


  • Pre-configured GNU toolchain for ARM architecture
  • Qemu installed for simulation of selected ARM architectures. You can simulate GUI applications as well.
  • Ready binaries and source code for versatilepb board for emulation of the device.
  • Script for compilation and porting of u-boot, Linux kernel and Busybox.

The VMware virtual machine is available on demand in a Dual Layer DVD medium at a price of Rs 300/- Just write a mail to admin@embeddednirvana.org to order your copy.

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