Embedded Nirvana

What Embedded Nirvana is All About

What we are doing?

  • This is a non-commercial activity run completely be volunteers from industry and students
  • We meet weekly and churn out some code and release it. Have a look at our vmware Fedora image. We have put all our work there so that you can just jumpstart with your ideas, without any hassles of configuration on the entire development environment.
  • Once in a blue moon we have a demo session or a day long educational session , where we demonstrate what we have done so far.
  • We take care of arranging the talks, getting speakers, contribute the code & documentation
  • Topics are likely to be around current trends in industry like:

"Android or MeeGo Development", "Panda/Beagle/Hawk Board", DSP programming etc, communication protocols , etc.

Agenda for the Embedded Nirvana

Just to summarize the purpose in one sentence it would be "Building industrially viable and resourceful opensource technology"
The word building is very significant here since we necessarily may not create or innovate, but do something which has industrial significance. The goals in descending order of importance would be.

  • Primary aim would be to contribute to opensource.
  • Deliver value to industry with the opensource contribution, i.e. the outcome of the activity should have a value and must be purpose driven.
  • A practical lab where we do designing, coding, documentation, releases, etc and not just talk about OpenSource.
  • Common place where ARM-Linux enthusiasts can meet and share hands on knowledge.
  • Community based knowledge generation and sharing.
  • Lastly explore newer realms of our creativity as engineers.

What's in for me?

  • Even if you are James Gosling, there is something you won't know about Java (Said by James Gosling himself). A community based learning would significantly boost knowledge in a very short period of time.
  • We are talking about a hands-on-lab and not a blabber-blabber forum, so end of the day what you take home is hands on experience on a technology . This can be helpful in your professional field.
  • Sensible contribution to Open Source brings reputation in your tech domain.


  • All the code generated would be made Open Source and put on the website under Apache 2.0 License.
  • All the articles generated would be shared under Creative Commons CC-BY-SA Licence.

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