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Embedded Nirvana : Update

We understand its been quit a long time that Embedded Nirvana gave updates.
Someone has rightly said, "Better Late Than Never".  Now we at Embedded Nirvana are getting our acts together in order to do the thing we good at : Sharing Knowledge!

Running an open community requires contribution and if one is willing to do so ( Why Should I Contribute To Open Source? ) then take the first step and we contributors at Embedded Nirvana would be glad to exchange and enhance the prowess.

This website has lot of things to get started and if one is looking for more information then do visit :

1) Embedded Nirvana Wiki : Do check Ideas

2) Embedded Nirvana's GitHub Repository

and on social network too :

3) Follow Us On Twitter

4) Like Us On Facebook

If you are totally new to Embedded world then reading wiki pages here would help you get started.

More updates and blog post to follow.

Posted by Chetan Patil

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