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EN Hangout @ Embedded Lab COEP

After a long time Embedded Nirvana (EN) had a hacking hangout at Embedded Lab of COEP yesterday. Chaitannya, Shravan and me got together to solve the mystery of how to flash STM32F4DISCOVERY (F4). The confusion was whether we would need a dedicated JTAG device to communicate with F4 to get things up.

The hacking session started with Chaitannya and me (using Fedora 16) trying to explore how to get things done and test out first program on F4. Both soon figured out that Stlink  has to be compiled on the host.

However things weren't that easy as thought it to be. An error (configure: error: *** Required libusb-1.0 >= 1.0.0 not installed ***  any idea ?? ) was haunting both till Shravan (hhmm, debian he was on!) came and resolved the issue on his host system. Then after a long fight and understanding all were able to flash the F4 and upload the program using Stlink (which uses USB A to Mini USB B , so no JTAG!) which was compiled on Shravan's host.

During the course all learned new things about F4 and also had fun trying to figure out how to get things up. Won't forget to mention the pain (yes the engineering term!) in figuring out hot to get the configure file for Stlink!.

Still the bug (configure: error: *** Required libusb-1.0 >= 1.0.0 not installed ***) hasn't been solved on Fedora 16 and smooth compilation of Stlink is the issue.

Updates about the sessions learning will come on Wiki of EN.

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